I Could Eat.

Hello there, my name is Sarah A. Kusnetz and I like to eat.

Whether it is a stove top Mac ‘n Cheese or a $400.00 plate of Sashimi, I could probably eat it. Regardless of rain or shine, day or night, hungry or full-up, angry, sad, sober or not, or whatever I am down and I’m ready to nosh. Quick, let me just get my coat.

So, for better or for worse I have decided to share some of these times, situations, and stories with you. Normally I would never EVER address the reader, but this is like a blog, so some basic writing rules and grammar will be ignored.

Some background, before we begin. I am an eater. I was raised by a large family of eaters. I grew up with three older brothers, two of whom are biological and one step. My parents (divorced) are both competitive, lawyers, high-achievers, and absolute raving lunatics, but they are awesome and I love them.  But what both of my parents really shared was a love of food. All foods. My house was a sit down meal, food sharing, group midnight snacking type.

We always had snacks in the house and we all learned how to prepare food for ourselves between meal time quite young. we experimented with doctored up frozen pizzas, creating our own french fries from scratch , or creating inventive toppings for arepas. With the three large growing boys around the dinner and all weekend meals were made in enormous quantities, and eaten in mere minutes. You had to elbow your way in for seconds. This is what made me such a forceful eater, and I am grateful for it. Food became as much as a social act as it became a time for solitude. I laughed and reflected over my plates, and it’s something that has followed me to semi-adulthood (I don’t feel like a real adult yet).

So, uh, yeah that’s about it for now.

-Sarah A. Kusnetz